Many matched bettors and punters don’t think too much about the methods they use for depositing and withdrawing from their betting accounts. Most use their day-to-day debit card and some have set up separate bank accounts solely for matched betting use. However, in an industry where we are moving a lot of money between our banks, betting sites and exchanges, is using a debit card really the best option? After all, withdrawals usually take 3-5 days to reach our accounts which is time when those funds could be better used elsewhere on other profitable offers and opportunities.

One option from which you are able to transfer funds faster is with e-wallets. E-wallets are online wallets where you can store, send and receive money. You can top up your wallet using your bank account and withdraw when you want to. The advantage of e-wallets is that you’re able to send and receive funds a lot quicker than to and from your bank account directly. Some of the most well-known e-wallets are PayPal, ecoyPayz, Skrill and Neteller.

Using e-Wallets such as Neteller also has another advantage – You can actually earn money by using them!

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Matched Betting with Neteller

As matched bettors, we’re always looking for an edge. This may be favourable odds between the bookmaker and the exchange, a bonus, free spins or a free bet. However, using Neteller for funding your betting accounts can also give you an edge if you get the right deal.

Sign up to Neteller through the links below and you’ll not only be able to transfer your funds between your betting accounts faster, you’ll also get additional benefits such as cashback on your deposits, quicker upgrades to VIP status’ and dedicated support 365 days a year via Skype for any questions you have. These extra benefits can only be acquired by signing up through our links and not directly with Neteller. We’re able to offer you these benefits as we’ve partnered with a company called eWallet Optimizer.

Neteller Benefits (only through eWallet Optimizer)

  • 0.3 – 1.1% Cashback on all Merchant Transfers
  • Instant Silver VIP Status with a free MasterCard
  • Fully Verified within 1 Business Day
  • Additional & Personal Support 365 days a year


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How much cashback can you receive?

The amount of cashback you’ll receive depends on your levels of deposits using your account. It is possible to earn considerable amounts if you are making large or multiple deposits on a regular basis.

  • Deposit £1,000 per day: Around £130 cashback per month (Gold Status)
  • Deposit £2,000 per day: Around £445 cashback per month (Platinum Status)
  • Deposit £5,000 per day: Around £1,550 cashback per month (Diamond Status)

Increase your EV

By including the cashback you’ll receive with the expected profit of a casino or bookmaker offer, you’ll be able to increase the overall EV and ultimately make more profit. The cashback amount may not seem very much but over the course of a year, it can add up to significant amounts and is profit you wouldn’t have if using a debit card.

How to get started

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Next, click on the Neteller join button

neteller matched betting

Now you can either sign up for a new Neteller account or, if you already have one, link your existing account to get the extra benefits!

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