CopyBet is a betting platform that hosts hundreds of tipsters whos betting history and results are recorded for others to see. The way CopyBet works is a slightly different concept to standard tipster platforms out there which allow you to ‘follow’ the most profitable tipsters and replicate their bets which you may receive via email or text. CopyBet has built on this concept and adds to it by not only allowing you to choose which tipsters you want to follow but also by automatically copying their bets via Betfair Exchange integration.

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If you’ve followed tipsters before then it means that you have faith in other peoples bets. One negative about regular tipster sites is that you have to manually place their recommended bets yourself. There is always going to be a delay between the time the tipster finds a bet they think has value and the time you receive that tip and get around to placing it. Apart from being time-consuming, a number of factors could have changed during this period, including the odds. CopyBet makes the entire process of copying a profitable tipster easier and faster by automatically placing bets through your account when the tipster places theirs. You can simply get on with your day and check the results of the tipsters bets when you have the time.

At the time of writing, there were just under 400 tipsters listed on CopyBet and the all-time stats state that there have been 7.1 million bets matched through their site with a total turnover of £286.7 million.

How does CopyBet work?

The first thing you need to do is register an account. It’s free to do and takes 30 seconds or so. You’ll also receive a $10 bonus for doing so. The $10 bonus can be used to subscribe to tipsters.

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If you’re registering to copy the bets of other tipsters, as opposed to being a tipster yourself, then you will want to visit the ‘Ratings’ section which displays tipsters by order of profit.


copybet tipsters


You have the option to filter the results by top tipsters for the past day/week/month/all-time, average bet size, most copied tipsters, the profit they have made or by the level of risk of their bets.

You can click on any individual tipster which will open up a page with a more detailed profile containing information such as their bet history, their number of subscribers, their profit and much more. In their bet history, you can view the event that they bet on along with the market, their stake sizes and whether their bets won or lost.

All of this tracking is done via Betfair Exchange integration so you don’t have to worry about results being edited in any way.

Once you have found a tipster you would like to copy the bets of, simply click on the ‘Start Copying’ button.

copybet profile


You will be asked to confirm your subscription to the tipster on the popup after clicking the ‘Start Copying’ button. Some tipsters are free to follow while others (usually the more profitable tipsters) charge a fee.

copybet tipster subscribe


The image to the left shows the confirmation box.

This tipster charges $5 per week to copy their tips.

You have the option to copy bets only on specific sports and set a loss limit to ensure that your exchange balance isn’t wiped out.

Betfair Exchange integration

Before you subscribe to copy a tipsters bets, you’ll need to connect your Betfair Exchange account to your CopyBet account. This process is quick and easy and can be done with the click of a button from within your account profile. You need to connect your accounts as CopyBet will automatically place bets through your Betfair Exchange account when the tipster you subscribe to places bets on theirs.

As bets will be automatically placed, you’ll need to have available funds in your exchange account.

Once your accounts are connected and you have confirmed which tipsters you would like to subscribe to, you can sit back and monitor the results.

Will you make money with Copybet?

Unfortunately, that is a question nobody can answer. Just like similar platforms, you’re putting your faith in tipsters and although there are clear betting history profiles for each one, there is no guarantee that their winning ways will continue. However, there is a lot of information regarding the tipsters bets and so it’s not too difficult to determine what kind of bettor they are and whether or not they are experienced. For example, one tipster we looked at had multiple correct score bets on several football matches indicating that they were trading in-play.

As there are many tipster websites online, the main selling point of Copybets is the automation of the bets. Although this provides convenience for the user, it also takes some control away from what you choose to bet on and at what stakes. You do have the option to set loss limits with each tipster you follow but you can’t limit or have any say on the stake sizes or markets.

However, CopyBet is an interesting concept and if you already follow tipsters on other sites then it should be of interest to you. If you’d like to take a closer look at CopyBet then click the link below to register and claim $10 free immediately after signing up.

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