Expected Value (EV) is the main factor in matched betting which ultimately determines whether you will make a profit in the long-term. If a betting offer has a negative expected value, we stay away from it and if an offer has a positive expected value, we know that it is profitable.

There are many factors which can influence EV such as the size of the free bet, bonus or cashback, the wagering requirements and what game we play. Cashback may be given by the bookmaker or the casino when you participate in an offer but today we’re going to look at another way in which you can earn cashback – through eWallets.

EWallets are online wallets where you can store, send and receive funds. You’ll be aware of the most popular eWallet – PayPal, but there are many others which can have benefits. One other eWallet is Skrill and it has some excellent benefits when used for betting transactions.

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Using Skrill for Matched Betting

The majority of people use their bank accounts via a debit card for depositing and withdrawing from their betting accounts.

So, why use Skrill instead?

If you are a regular matched bettor, you will be making multiple transactions with numerous betting sites on a daily basis. You’ll have money going in and out of your bank account so that you can transfer funds between the sites. One issue with this is the time it takes for your funds to reach your bank account from a betting site. Withdrawals usually take 3-5 days which can be frustrating if you could be using those funds on other betting site offers. You could be missing out on a lot of profit simply because your money is tied up between the betting site and your bank.

That’s where eWallets such as Skrill come in.

Instead of withdrawals taking 3-5 days, they usually reach your account on the same day or at most, 24 hours. This allows you to withdraw from one betting site and deposit those same funds into another within a matter of hours, not days.

Wait, there’s more.

Not only can you move funds around faster but you can also receive cashback and other benefits for using your Skrill account.

We’ve partnered with eWallet Optimizer who are able to offer customers cashback on all merchant transactions, including betting sites. It’s completely free to sign up and is the same as registering through Skrills own website expept you get additional benefits.

Benefits of Skrill (only through eWallet Optimizer)

  • 0.3% Cashback on all Merchant Transfers
  • $15 Welcome Bonus for new clients
  • Easier and Faster VIP Status Upgrade
  • Additional & Personal Support 365 days a year


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How to get these benefits

Getting started is simple. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be step up within minutes.

Step 1. Click here to visit eWallet Optimizer

Step 2. Click on the ‘Join Skrill’ button

skrill matched betting

Step 3. Choose to either set up a new account or to connect your existing Skrill account. Either way, you’ll get the additional benefits mentioned above!


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