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Matched Betting Calculator

The matched betting calculator is a clever tool that works out the ideal lay stakes on your matched bets. Our calculator includes unique features such as real-time alerts to price changes that allow you to quickly see the impact on your potential profit. Seven calculator options ensure balanced profits whatever the outcome and does away with the trial and error of using custom sliders that come with similar tools.

  • Calculates the ideal lay stake to ensure equal profit for any outcome
  • Preset commission rates for each exchange
  • Real time odds alerts which can be applied and re-calculated with one click
  • Seven options mean better balanced profits for all types of free bets and bonuses
  • One-click Overlay and Underlay modes for advanced matched betting strategies
  • Bet tracking function to log all bets and providing running total of matched betting profits

The most complicated aspect of matched betting is calculating the betting exchange lay stake that ensures a balanced profit or loss whatever the outcome of the bet. The matched betting calculator does this job for you so there is no need to concern yourself with the maths.

Basic commission rates for each exchange are preconfigured to save entering the details each time and the lay liability lets you know how much money you’ll need in the exchange to cover the lay bet.

When used in conjunction the Odds Matcher, event details, back odds and lay odds are automatically configured. An alert appears any time there is a price change and you have the option to apply the change with one click. You will also be alerted if the lay stake exceeds the amount available on the betting exchange.

The Track Bet feature logs and groups your bets together by offer to give you a full bet history as well as a running total of your profits. Bets can be tagged to sign up offers and reload offers featured on the website and you can also create your own custom offers which greatly the enhances your ability to keep accurate records of all your betting transactions.

The calculator is linked to Odds Matcher but can also be used as a stand-alone tool such as when finding your own matched bets. Data fields allow you to describe the bet for future identification in your Bet History.

Free Bet Calculator

As well as being used to minimise qualifying losses, this useful matched betting tool can be used as a free bet calculator. It will work out suitable lay stakes to extract maximum cash profits from free bets. Similarly, it can be used to help complete bonus rollover requirements.

The calculator also includes modes for advanced matched betting strategies, with one-click calculations for Overlay and Underlay. The Custom mode allows you to adjust your lay stakes so as to weight profit and/or loss towards your favoured outcome.

match calculator

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