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The sports betting industry has exploded exponentially over the last decade, with media advertising inundating us with commercials for online betting sites and apps all designed to make betting easier.

But the fact remains that while placing a bet has never been easier, picking a winning bet remains an art that not many of us have either the knowledge to master.

Let’s face it, Denise Coates would not have earned a £272million salary this year if her Bet365 betting empire was not reaping the rewards from punters’ misguided or ill-advised betting habits.

So where do I find better betting advice?

The main problem facing the average casual bettor looking for advice is how credible the records of a potential tipster really are, and consequently how reliable their advice is likely to be. Social media and the internet is currently teeming with a plethora of tipsters on all sports ranging from horse racing to football, from tennis to baseball, from motor sports to esports, all purporting to possess a foolproof way of beating the bookies.

But just because someone christens himself “Acca Expert” or “Racing Pro” does not necessarily make him any more of an expert or a pro than the rest of us.

For people to be able to trust a tipster, he must provide reliable and verifiable proof of previous success, so it is in his best interests to use a trustworthy website such as Tipstrr.com to provide him with a professional platform that provides both him and his users with up-to-date reliable records of his performance.

Why should I pay for it?

Well, the answer is simple enough. If the rewards of following his tips outweigh the cost of subscribing, then obviously it would be in your best financial interests to pay for those tips.

Given the time, the tools and a bit of online research, we could probably all eventually fix our leaking boiler. But we don’t.  Instead, we call in a plumber and pay him to do it. Why? Because it saves us a lot of time and effort, plus we then also have the reassurance that he will do a thorough and professional job based on his knowledge and experience.  

A professional tipster provides exactly the same kind of service, possessing the time, the tools and the resources to relieve his members of the time-consuming effort required in identifying best value bets. His hours of research and fact-gathering from the vast array of available sports data save you spending your own time doing the same thing.

Why should I trust a tipster site?

The guys at Tipstrr.com have developed the perfect platform that ticks all the boxes for both tipsters and punters alike to enhance their betting experience.

  • Verifiability

This is the crux of Tipstrr’s entire ethos and business model – that of providing a trustworthy, reliable service that gives an honest reflection of the performance of all its tipsters. Once a tip has been recommended and posted on the site, it cannot be withdrawn, and similarly, completed tips cannot be adjusted or conveniently deleted.

All of which brings us conveniently to…

  •  Transparency

On Tipstrr.com, what you see is what you get. All their tipsters are fully verified, and no records can be altered or enhanced retrospectively to make either the site or its tipsters look better than they really are. They also have plenty include many informative articles outlining the benefits and pitfalls of the tipster industry.

  • User-friendly

Tipstrr’s user-friendly platform makes the whole process simple and straightforward for tipsters and users alike. Registering is easy, and all information on forthcoming and previous bets is instantly available at the click of a mouse, giving users instant access to a tipster’s records. This means that tipsters and users can access a full history of a tipster’s performance, backed up by a full set of statistics, graphs and charts – allowing anyone to break down different aspects of performance, patterns and trends.

  • Accuracy

All sports betting markets can be accessed within the site and they reflect all betting price fluctuations in a timely accurate manner, enabling Tipstrr members to make an informed decision on their prospective bets. Similarly, all results are processed quickly after the conclusion of sporting events, allowing tipsters’ records to be updated almost immediately.

  • Communication

All the best tipsters on the site make regular posts to keep their subscribers up-to-date, as well as sending emails to let them know about forthcoming tips, suggested stakes, and anything else relevant to their proposed tips.

In addition, the guys at Tipsttr love to interact with their members, and they have several channels of social media communication open for their tipsters and users to contact them regarding any tip-related issue.

Click here to visit Tipstrr.com

Will I make money?

This is the big question, of course. There can be no guarantees in the betting world, and any tipster that promises you otherwise is one to steer away from.

And don’t expect to receive half a dozen 33/1 winning tips in your first week, either – there is no short cut to a long-term gain (the clue is in the name).

However, what the guys at Tipstrr take pride and pleasure in offering you is a platform that allows you to make better-informed decisions about how best to invest your betting bankroll – and make a profit.

With their team of experienced, fully verified tipsters on their books, they can help provide the opportunity to make a profitable return over a period of time. Using their platform and the tipsters at their disposal, a relatively small monthly investment could well reap great rewards.

It might be worth your while have a quick look at the Tipstrr.com site right now. They run regular promotions and special offers for new and existing users alike, so for just a couple quid and a click of a mouse, you could be receiving regular lucrative tips to add to your betting portfolio.


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