Secret of matched betting explained

Matched betting explained

After 17 years of bonus bagging and making money from betting promotions there is still a need to have matched betting explained for the next generation.

It seems counter-intuitive that we can guarantee profits from bookies, don’t they always win? The answer is they don’t. And here’s a brief explanation as to why matched betting works.

How matched betting is risk free

Betting exchanges helped create matched betting because they give the man in the street a way to back a selection to lose. Betting exchanges allow members to bet with each other, request odds for a selection to win and anyone who fancies it to get beat can ‘lay’ the bet at those odds, or offer their own odds for it to lose if they choose.

When the lay odds on the betting exchange are the same as the bookmaker’s odds, you can back both and come out even whatever the result. There wouldn’t be much point in doing this under normal circumstances but when the bookmaker will give you a free bet for using its website, that’s a whole new ball game.

There’s a mathematical equation that can be applied to guarantee a profit from the free bet. Thankfully, we don’t need to work this out for ourselves, the matched betting calculator will produce the ideal lay stake to place on the betting exchange in order to come out with the same profit no matter what the outcome.

How to get free bets for matched betting

Bookmakers give free bets for opening an online betting account. Make a deposit and place a real money bet to receive a free bet. Use matched betting to qualify for the free bet and make a profit from the offer when using it.

There are more than 50 UK licensed bookmakers offering sign up incentives that can be turned into risk free profits, worth over £1000 if you do them all.

Opportunities to pick up free bets don’t stop there, bookies are constantly offering free bets to encourage their customers to bet on high profile sports events and daily horse racing. The number of offers vary depending on the day of the week and what big events are taking place but Matched Bets has between 60 and 100 existing customer offers at any time. They all provide money making opportunities which is how people are making £500+ every month spending a few hours every week doing matched betting.

Is every offer risk free with matched betting

Not every offer used for matched betting is risk free but those that are get listed on Matched Bets clearly labeled as ‘Guaranteed Profit’ or ‘Risk Free’ when they give a chance of winning at no cost for doing the offer. Some offers provide such a large edge, that you can’t fail to win by doing then regularly, although there will be times when you lose a £1 or so shooting for a £25 free bet. These are known as advantage play and we advise when such offers are worth doing and there’s no obligation to try them.

The best way to uncover the secrets of matched betting is to give it a try. Sign up for a 1-day trial with MatchedBets for just £1 and get started today.





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