Mobile Game Is Great Fun For Matched Betting

Get extra free bets with the 888Sport mobile game

Match betting on football has become even more thrilling, thanks to an exciting innovation by 888Sport. You can now qualify for free bets and casino bonuses on a weekly basis with the Free Bet Frenzy promotion. It involves placing qualifying bets on selected days and downloading a mobile game, which you play to try and win the rewards.

The minimum qualifying bet for the offer is £25, which is just £5 more than the amount required when playing the Goals Mean More promotion – another great incentive from 888Sport. There are three different tiers of rewards that are dependant on your overall qualifying stake. In any case, by using matched betting the qualifying loss will be minimal.

Matched betting involves placing a bet with a bookmaker to become eligible for a free bet but also laying the same selection (bet it won’t win) at an exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets. In doing this you will incur a slight loss, typically up to £1. However, you’ll have a free bet to use which can be converted to a real-cash profit by repeating the process.

How Does Free Bet Frenzy Work?

  1. Place bets worth at least £25 (min odds 1/2) on any market on a Saturday
  2. Receive one attempt on the game 48 hours later or three attempts if you’ve bet in-play or in multiples
  3. Do the same on Sunday and get the same rewards on Tuesday

Qualifying Tiers

  • Tier 1 – £25-£49
  • Tier 2 – £50-£99
  • Tier 3 – £100+

Simply place your qualifying bets and fire up the app when your free attempts arrive. You’ll be presented with a penalty-kick scenario and a series of targets. Take aim at the targets, with the smaller ones offering the best rewards.

Tier 1 large targets offer a £10 casino bonus while medium gives a bet £10 get £5 free bet and a small is a bet £5 get £5 free bet. Tier 2 large targets offer a £15 casino bonus while medium gives a bet £10 get £10 free bet and a small will win you a £5 free bet with no additional qualifying stake. Tier 3 large targets win £20 casino free play while medium is a bet £10 get £20 free bet and a small target gets you a £10 free bet.

Potential For Extra Matched Betting Profit

Used alongside existing 888Sport offers such as the aforementioned Goals Mean More or in-play promotions such as Free Bet Saturdays, you can increase your potential for extra profit when matched betting. By adjusting your qualifying stakes accordingly, you will be able to pick up free attempts on the mobile game at the same time as earning free bets from the other promotions.



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