Mintbet Announce Closure


UK Sportsbook & Casino announced on Wednesday 28th November 2018 that they will be ceasing all online business and will not be accepting any new customers.

Mintbet have been operating since 2017 and originated from the established Irish bookmaker, ‘McBride Racing’, who have been operating for over 40 years.

The future looked bright for Mintbet with their Public Relations Offer, Thomas McBride stating back in April that the brand had seen exponential growth at the start of the year. However, he also acknowledged that Mintbet was in an incredibly saturated market. A market which seems to have been too much for Mintbet along with other brands such as Dabblebet, Tommy French and Sunbets who all also ceased trading this year.

Mintbet offered a number of profitable matched betting offers and promotions to customers during their year-long stint online. Some of which were ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’, ‘ACCA Insurance’, ‘Champions League Money Back’, ‘Red Card Money Back’ as well as their weekly £10 free bet offer.

Customers of Mintbet have been notified of the closure via email and have been advised to withdraw any funds from their accounts. It’s unsure how much time customers have been given to do so at this time but we’d recommend checking your accounts and requesting a withdrawal immediately.

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