Ladbrokes Bookmakers To Expand Ball Street Network Partnership

Ladbrokes Bookmakers

Marketing and sponsorship are massive for online gambling companies now, and it seems like every day there is a new deal being made. The latest comes from Ladbrokes bookmakers, who have announced that they will be expanding their close relationship with The Ball Street Network, who specialise in content for social media and fan engagement.

The new football season is the ideal time to announce extra features, as fans from all around the world will be excited at being able to watch their team play every week. Two of the Ball Street Network YouTube channels that Ladbrokes will sponsor are Arsenal Fan TV and The Redmen TV. As Arsenal and Liverpool both have extremely large fan bases, the Ladbrokes brand will be seen by a lot of eyes.

That being said, it is not only actual fans that enjoy viewing the videos on offer from these channels. For Arsenal Fan TV in particular, it became a running joke on social media last season that fans of other clubs couldn’t wait to watch the next video on offer after the club suffered a defeat, due to its entertaining nature.

As well as sponsoring these channels, Ladbrokes bookmakers are also launching the ‘Ladbrokes #FanFriday Show’, which will be broadcast every Friday at 12.30 and is due to last half an hour. It will stream live on both the Ladbrokes Facebook page and Ball Street’s YouTube channel. The show will essentially be a preview of the weekend’s big football matches.

Ladbrokes Viewed Favourably

There was a relationship in place for parts of last season, and all parties deemed this a success, hence the new agreement. Interestingly, a survey sent out after last season’s sponsorship campaign showed that 70% of people viewed Ladbrokes more favourably than other UK bookmakers.

The Head of Social for Ladbrokes and Coral, Elliot Hackney had this to say on the partnership:

“Fan media is an unstoppable force that continues to grow and grow. We are now seeing it become much more trusted and genuine than traditional media as it’s ‘by fans, for fans’. Ladbrokes are proud to sponsor the fan channels that pour so much of their time and energy into following their club and producing content around it. With the sponsorship of the Fan TV Channels and also the #FanFriday show, we’re excited for the season ahead.”

Hopefully the success of this sponsorship deal will encourage the bookmaker to offer more promotions to customers. Of course, all promotions that they currently list have offer guides in the Premium members section of, so if you are able to guarantee a profit, we will show you how.



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